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Our hand formed rich creamy garlic cheese roulade

Perfect on biscuits, in a toasted sandwich or in a mixed leaf salad.
Gluten free - Soya free - Dairy free - Cholesterol free.

Allergens - Almonds.
(See label for full ingredient list).

Made in a kitchen that handles cereals containing gluten & soya.

An aromatic and fragrant medium curry.

Delicious served with rice or on a jacket potato.

Cooking Instructions:
Place container in microwave on full setting. heat for 2 minutes, stir and heat for further 2 minutes. Handle with care when removing from microwave as contents will be very hot. Alternatively put contents in saucepan and heat. 

This product has been cooked to a vegan recipe. However, the spices have been processed in a fctory/kitchen that handles these allergens: mustard, sesame, soya, gluten, wheat, peanuts, nuts,sulphites, lupin & celery.  

Keep refrigerated between 3 & 5 c



This cashew nut based "Parmesan" substitute is the perfect accompaniment for sprinkling on pasta dishes, risottos, pizzas,  gratins and soups for its rich savoury flavour. This product is B12 fortified. Great for vegans.

In addition to using at the table, it can equally be added to foods during cooking to add a golden colour and richness to dishes.

Ingredients:  cashew nuts, nutritional yeast (Vitamin B12 fortified), garlic powder, salt, turmeric powder.

Allergens in bold.  Prepared in a kitchen that handles nuts, seeds, cereal, soya and products containing gluten.

Store in a cool, dark, dry place  - not the fridge!


A rich creamy almond based cheeze with sun dried tomatoes and garlic.  Spread it or use it as a dip and great on a jacket potato.

Allergens:  almonds

Prepared in a kitchen using soya, peanuts, gluten, mustard, nuts, seasame, celery, lupin, sulphites.

Keep refrigerated



Orange, Mustard and Herb Dressing. Absolutely delicious on salad leaves.





Freshly squeezed oranges, raw unfiltered cider vinegar (with the mother), sunflower oil, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, sugar, lemon zest, lemon juice, fresh dill, salt, fresh black pepper, sulphites.  Allergens in bold.

Prepared in a kitchen that handles nuts, seeds, cereal, soya, and products containing gluten.  Store in the fridge and shake well before use.



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A creamy light almond soft cheeze, delicately infused with lemon. 

We are very proud of this cheese, so much so we believe it is superior to the leading dairy brand!


Gluten free - Soya free - Dairy free - Cholesterol Free.

If you love cream cheese but cannot eat it due to watching your cholesterol levels then this baby's for you because as it's made from almonds it's completely cholesterol free. It's also free from preservatives, binders, stabilisers, fillers or any other fats!

Almonds have some extraordinary health benefits. Although high in fat it is the unsaturated variety which does not increase the link of low density lipoprotein (LDL) or "bad" cholesterol.  There is evidence that peanuts, walnuts and almonds appear to be a protective factor for the development of breast cancer.  Almonds significantly increase the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow.  They provide valuable sources of vitamin E and contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, protein and zinc, all of which contribute to bone health.  


The beauty of this product is that it is also firm enough to slice. By simply inverting the container the lid doubles as the tray. When you are finished eating just click the base back on to the lid and store upright again. It can also be used as traditional cream cheese spread straight from the container.


Delicious on crackers or on an open toasted sandwich with salad, roasted vegetables or sliced banana. In fact it is so versatile you can use this cheeze as a ricotta substitute ideal for stuffing in cannalloni tubes with spinach. It can be used in a filo tart or simply served on a jacket potato.


Allergens - Almonds. (See label for full ingredient list).

Made in a kitchen that handles cereals containing gluten & soya.

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.Allergens:  Cashew nuts and vegan cultures.

This product is not suitable for the very young, pregnant, elderly, or those with compromised immune systems.

For a full list of ingredients please email us. (shown on product)

Keep refrigerated.

Please note as an artisan cheeze this products varies in weight but will never be below the minimum weight shown.