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5 months ago

10% in two days, easier than making yourself a cup of coffee!


8 months ago

The Blue is gorgeous - tastes like Dolcelatte or Gorgonzola. Best vegan cheeze I've tasted😋

Also found Garfields very helpful regarding delivery/collection.

a year ago

Absolutely stunning cheeses! I had my first experience of the blue and the not Brie today, and it is the best vegan cheese that I have ever tasted!

2 years ago

First time ordering, received it today and Im already thinking about my next order! Not only is the soft garlic roulade and delicious, I can't get enough of the Cashew nut sprinkles. I did need to contact customer service but they responded swiftly and resolved my query without any issues. Would highly recommend this company!

Christine Tongue
2 years ago

Such a treat ! Second day out of hospital where I ate nothing nice at all, and craving something good for me and tasty. Donna's curry hit the spot

3 years ago

Tried the not Brie and let me tell you, it’s fantastic!! As a vegan of 4 years I have tried my fair share of cheese alternatives, but let me tell you, this one is by far the most realistic! A little bit pricey at full price so definitely just an occasional treat. But a very special one!

3 years ago

Had the ‘Not Brie’ and oh my it was incredible! So delicious I’m afraid it might become an addiction. If you haven’t tried it already you definitely need to. Any ex cheese lover would be amazed with this. Lovely people and lovely food 🌱

Teresa Garcia
3 years ago

Just tried the soft cheese with lemon. Oh my goodness, it's so light and refreshing, the lemon is so delicate and packs a punch. Another fabulous cheese. My go to for sure No brie and the soft cheese ❤👌

Neko Seabridge
3 years ago

The vegan not brie is so realistic! It tastes great, definitely the best vegan alternative out there! 😁 the lemon infused cream cheese is so smooth with the right amount of tang to. Perfect!

Sharon Fowler
3 years ago

Bought the it's not brie at Cliftonville Farmers Market. It's absolutely delicious and will def buy more! Thank you!